8 tendances déco du printemps 2021

Every year, fashion changes. It is a cyclical phenomenon.  In the world interior design, it's important to consider multiple factors to follow the current trends.  The harmony of a room is optimal if and only if we take into consideration several elements that we will develop in this article.

Today, Deco Luminaire presents all the visual harmonies and trendy styles of this spring 2021 that will allow you to make choices regarding the decoration of your living areas as well as the choice of your lighting. The watchword this season: sweetness!

Here are the 8 interior-design trends of spring 2021 that we will love

Colors trend

The shades of earthy hues and colors are in the foreground. Going from warm grey to beige. The greige is perfectly in the trendy palette. To enhance the beauty of your lighting, Deco Luminaire suggests painting your walls with these tones. Ranging from very pale to very dark, make a choice that is as close as possible to the colors found in nature. Here are the suggested colors:



Ash grey

Mushroom beige 






Trend in wall art

The softness of the wall arts is in the spotlight. If you need to choose a painting for your living room, choose a light and subtle touch, with earthy and natural coloring. The flowers are back as well as the fine lines drawn by hand. Let us forget the superfluous and the overloaded. Let us move towards visual minimalism. Spring 2021 trend for paintings is chic  bohemian looking!

Trend for recycling

If you want to impress your surroundings with your originality and adhere to green environmental practices, this year, light fixtures created from recycled materials are avant-garde and very popular. Recycling is very trendy. Ecology isn't a fashion phenomenon but must be anchored in our values.  Making it enjoyable and useful is even better.  Make wise choices without compromising the style.

For this so-called green trend, Varaluz is a must. As an environmentally responsible company, it manufactures lights with 70% recycled metal and 90% recycled glass. Interestingly, Varaluz recycles more than 60,000 kg of metal per year and reduces packaging by 45%. Varaluz's light fixtures are not only made from reclycled meterials, but are also very pretty.

Several lightings companies follow the trend for recycling look. To name a few, Z-Lite and Nuevo both have chic industrial-style collections like this ecological movement. You will love the Anarya collections of Z-Lite and Apollo of Nuevo.

«Clerestory» trend

The current trend is based on wooden laths. Clerestory effects compound of elements which let through the day. The art to mix elegance and mystery. Walls and lights in wooden lath  will be in perfect symbiosis with your wall art in neutral and natural colors. The wood element is the headliner. Let us get closer to the natural beauty of our nice planet.

Eglo, that we tremendously like, controls this clerestory brilliantly. Let us underline collection their sublime: Amsfield, Tindori and Bordesley.

Accord lighting, Brazilian firm, also gives astounded collections. Almost all lights are made from brazilian wood and stand out for their originality. Their collection darling of clerestory, Apodocia, offers lights of high quality and extremely refined.  

Textures trend

This year, they dare to blend textures together such as:

The velvet
The silk
The parchment paper
The caning
The woollens
The rattan

This european trend earns the heart of the interior designers. Feel free to marry two textures or even three on the same model. Idea is to make your lights more audacious while preserving a harmonious and delightful look.

Several companies introduce new light fixtures which are out of the ordanary such as Arterios, Capital Lighting and Eurofase. They can mix unusual materials and create effects which give an exotic and artistic touch. We would like them in all the rooms of our house.

Repetition effect trend

You would like to combine simplicity and repetition. Lining up several uniform light fixtures will give a wow effect!

You can, in fact, take any normal light. It's the repetition of those which will give character to this style. The model Beacon by Kuzco or the model CN4167 by Creation Nova can perfectly take part in this style.

You will definitely love this style on your living room's ceiling, basements and halls too. 

Trend for curves

Curves are very trendy. They are especially obvious in all new choices of light fixtures. You will love them, this spring, in spheres shapes, domes, nut, of spinning tops, oval or lanterns. Curves soften the decor. They assure a cozy ambiance.

You will have fun contemplating the choices available, since all companies offer lights with rounded shapes. Moving from Maxim, Dainolite or Canarm, you will have it for all tastes and budgets. You will love this stylish collection by Kuzco called:  Archibald.

Trend for table lamps

With the arrival of teleworking, the table lamps have experienced an impressive rise in popularity in the last year. They are effective. They are directional, very enlightening and offer more and more design models to appeal to all self-employed workers, students and workers from home. Dare to integrate these lamps not only on your desktop, but also on your booster tables in the living room and entrance consoles. They're useful and beautiful.

All lighting companies present this type of lamp. This trend will therefore be easy to incorporate into your spaces. Be creative and have fun designating and assembling your lamps to your decor.

If you want to beautify your home or simply have fun browsing magazines or developing your creative sense, the Deco Luminaire new website offers thousands of lights and decorations that will put into practice your choices governed by the new decor trends for spring 2021. Ceiling lights, wall lights, recesses lights, Outdoor lights, lamps and decoration in phenomenal quantities.

Don't miss the superb interactive catalog, in the main menu, offering you a hundred pages of promotional products as well as attractive images. For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram. Keep in mind that spring 2021 is synonymous with calm and serenity. Good warehousing!


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