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After several years operating with the same website, Deco Luminaire changed its platform to offer a better experience to its customers. Much more purified and friendly, you will be quite charmed.

The current global situation and government health restrictions are driving consumers to shop online. Hence the importance of offering its customers an experience that encourages loyalty and recurrence.

What are the changes made in the new Deco Luminaire website that make all the difference?

Although Deco Luminaire specializes in lighting and decoration as its name suggests, it must remain on the lookout for new technologies to remain competitive. Having a website is good, but having a functional and easily navigable website is a completely different thing. What will be the new experience?

Easy-to-navigate categories

The new website menu is much more efficient and easier to navigate. Precise categories and subcategories. Here's how you'll find yourself. Have fun browsing through the new site.

Ceiling lighting

  • Pendant
  • Chandelier
  • Flush-mount
  • Semi flush mount
  • Spotlight
  • Fan

Wall lighting

  • Wall lighting
  • Orientable wall lighting
  • Bathroom wall lighting

Recessed lighting

  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Uner cabinet recessed lights
  • Stair light
  • Outdoor recessed light

Outdoor lighting

  • Outdoor ceiling light
  • Outdoor wall lighting
  • Post lighting


  • Floor lamp
  • Table lamp

Deco and accessories

  • Furniture
  • Wall art
  • Mirror
  • Lighting mirror

The increase in the number of products

Deco Luminaire has long offered its customers, in its online shop, only the products that were in the promotion catalog. This practice was useful since most customers only shop in one of the 3 stores. Time has changed and now, at the launch date of the new website, 10,000 light fixtures and decorative accessories are presented. The CEO's goal is to increase the number of online products to more than 30,000 to 40,000 by the end of 2021. But no worries, they thought about everything. As many products can be a puzzle when we are in search mode of a defined item. Deco Luminaire now has more efficient and accurate search filters. Easy to use, with drop-down menu, you will find your dream light fixture in a finger snap.

The number of suppliers offered

To be able to publish tens of thousands of products, Deco Luminaire has therefore taken great care to introduce you to the best suppliers in the lighting industry to be able to cover all the tastes and desires of its customers. Here are some of them:

New suppliers

Deco Luminaire is proud to present new suppliers on their website. All the different styles bring a touch of relative originality to them, have the pleasure of discovering these manufacturers such as:

Modern Form (a division of WAC)
Alora (a division of Kuzco)

Quebec suppliers

Deco Luminaire, being a Quebec company, is keen to encourage local companies. Here are some Quebec manufacturers that stand out in the lighting industry:

Lumen Truss that specializes in tailor-made

International suppliers

International suppliers offer exotic dimensions sometimes sought after by customers. Their designs are typically characterized by their origin. Discover them. You will love them.

Accord Lighting (Brazil)
Artemide (Italy)
Pablo Design (San Francisco)

Well known suppliers

Deco Luminaire does business with a range of lighting suppliers. But you could find the models of each only in the 3 stores. With the new website, you can find many more suppliers than before. And their goal is to add more by the end of 2021. Until then, take note that if you don't yet find the supplier of your choice, you can go to one of the 3 stores and an agent will give you all your information. On the new website, you will still find:

Signature M&M
And much more

The interactive catalog

Deco Luminaire now presents its interactive clickable catalog. You will find the catalog in the main menu at the top of the site. In the comfort of your living room, you can browse the current promotion catalog. 100 pages of products in promotion. Dozens of suppliers included. Inspiring images and particularly good prices.

You can turn the pages of the catalog in just one click and when you stop on your choice, you can click on it and you will automatically redirect to the web page of this model. Very responsive and easy to use. Here's how it works:


More discounts

The promo codes

To promote the various products found on the online store, you will find promo codes that will give you considerable discounts on your purchases. You can find these promo codes on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You will also find them in a slider banner at the top of the website.  


The new Deco Luminaire website has integrated all the publications of its Instagram account to give you inspiration from designer projects as well as the stage photos that highlight the models of light fixtures that you will find on this online shop. The "Inspiration" section is at the bottom of the homepage of the website.

All in all, we hope you enjoyed this small virtual guided tour. Deco Luminaire is working hard to update, complete and beautify this new website and make it bilingual. We would be happy to have your feedback on your experience of the new Deco Luminaire website. You can leave your comments below. Thank you and good navigation.


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