Comment choisir ses ampoules DEL en 2021?

Did you know that the abbreviation of LED corresponds to "Light Emitting Diode".  But there are endless choices and characteristics to consider!  How to make the right choice?  Deco Luminaire reveals everything about the most used models.

First, here are the advantages of LED bulbs:

  • Energy savings of up to 90% compared to the filament bulbs of the past.
  • Ideal for places that are difficult to access, for example cornices.
  • Service life of at least 15,000 hours.
  • Adjustable light intensity with a compatible dimmer.
  • Exceptionally low heat emission.
  • Possibility to manually change the color temperature in the case of some models.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a LED light bulb?

The shape and base of the LED bulb

A bulb consists of a glass globe and the base to which it is attached. There are different styles and shapes of bulbs and bases.  Here are the most used:

B11: Candle shape

A15:  "A" shape

ST19 and ST21: Spherical shape

T6 and T10: Tubular shape

G25, G30 and G40: Globe shape

GU10, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38

The most common bulb is type A. Candle-shaped bulbs are more chosen for their decorative shapes. Globe-shaped bulbs are designed for bathroom vanities. Spherical, tubular bulbs or other models are intended for applications.

There is also a wide variety of bulb bases designed for different applications. The base being the part that is targeted. There are several sizes. Here are the main ones:

Although  E26 and E12 bases are the most common, several others are specific to certain

light fixtures. Bulbs that have specific bases will not really be part of the choices you will have to make since they are associated with a few selections of light fixtures.

In the Deco Luminaire online shop, here are all the bulbs with the E26 base:


Here are the bulbs with the E12 base:


The equivalences of lumens in a LED bulb and the wattage in an incandescent bulb

Its LED bulbs are also chosen according to their luminous flux expressed in Lumens (lm), it corresponds to the total quantity of light emitted by the light source.

- Ambient light, warm, corresponds to 500 lumens
- More intense light, choose between 600 and 700 lumens.
- A ceiling, choose instead a light bulb with 1000-1500 lumens.

To give you an idea of the comparative equivalences to the incandescent bulbs of the past:


Regular incandescent light watt equivalent

≈ 300 lm

≈ 30 W

≈ 500 lm

≈ 40 W

≈ 700 lm

≈ 60 W

≈ 1000 lm

≈ 75 W

≈ 1250 lm

≈ 120 W

≈ 2000 lm

≈ 250 W

The colour temperature of LED bulbs

This is the value determining the lighting color of the light bulb. That's what creates the atmosphere in the room, it is expressed in degrees Kelvin.

- Warm white color. Recommended for a relaxing, warm, intimate atmosphere, the light is orange-yellow. Degrees Kelvin < 3000 K

- Neutral white colour. Recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, workspaces, light is close to natural light. Degrees Kelvin 4000 > K < 5000

- Cold white color. Recommended for intense lighting in a business hall, a factory, a hospital, the light is cold. Degrees Kelvin: > 6000 K

The Deco Luminaire online shop offers the right light bulb for your fixtures

Although it is difficult to choose the right light bulb for the right lighting, the new Deco Luminaire website simplifies your choice. Every time you put a light in your shopping cart, you will be offered the right light bulb that you can also put in your shopping cart. So you will not have to go and buy light bulbs afterwards. They will be delivered to you at the same time as your lighting. Simpler and more user-friendly. Here is the place where you will find all the light bulbs in our online shop. Note that in our 3 stores, we have even more choice of light bulbs. You can call a specialist in one of our stores for advice ans recommendations.

Now that you know the undersides of the LED bulbs, enjoy the online shopping and do not forget to put in your cart all the right bulbs relating to the light fixture you have chosen.


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